install in wall stereo speakers

How to install in wall stereo speakers at your home

mount wall speakersAt present, in-wall speakers are definitely the best options in order to get the extraordinary sound quality without the use of any speaker cabinets on the shelf or a floor.

When you are willing to install the room decoration or you are building a new house or room, it is highly suggested to mount wall speakers which are virtually disappear to provide the best sound quality. So when you have already bought amplifier or record player, or even an old receiver with best phono cartridge and pick the best speakers, the next step speakers’ installation. You can install them with the sheetrock construction or the drywall to get the best effects.

Determine the placement of stereo speakers:

Not all the places for the speakers will give you the best effects so that it is crucial to find the right place to install the wall speakers in order to get your desired sound effects.

  • In-wall speakers should actually be positioned at your ear level when you are sitting in the seat. It is probably about 38 to 42 inches from the floor.
  • You have to locate any obstacles behind the walls such as studs, pipes or wires by drilling the small hole of ΒΌ inches in the wall. Then, you can insert the coat hanger bent to the 90-degree angle and perfectly fit the speakers.
  • You should install the speakers between the wall studs so you have to use the stud finder device before installing the speakers.

Once you have determined the best place to install the stereo speakers, then it is highly important to measure & cut the holes for such speakers.

In order to mount speakers on wall, you must make use of the best cut-out template which will give you the proper straight and aligned installation. After making the holes for the speakers, you can have three various options for running your speaker wires such as wires in the attic space, beneath the floor or along the floor behind the baseboards through the wall & up to the stereo speakers.

Install the speakers:

You have to follow these easy steps and suggestions to install the in-wall stereo speakers at your home.Wall speakers

  • Connect the existing wires to the speakers by getting the best knowledge about the speaker connections.
  • Secure the speaker to your house wall. Most of the in-wall speakers are using the dog-leg clamps in order to secure the speaker to the wall.
  • After inserting the stereo speakers in the cut-out, you have to tighten all the screws on the front portion of the speakers.

When you install in wall speakers for your stereo setup at home, you should need to follow all these steps in a perfect manner. At last, you have to turn on the system and test your stereo speakers for getting the required sound effects. In the initial stage, you have to start the lower volume sound effects to prevent the unnecessary damage to the amplifier if there is any problem made during the connection process. It is one of the significant safety measures which should be followed by everyone.